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Tips for Berber Carpet Cleaning

Tips for Berber Carpet Cleaning

Tips for Berber Carpet Cleaning : although it is a nice alternative to nylon carpet, Berber carpet can be difficult to clean. Many people have found that after doing Berber carpet cleaning, the stains seem to return to the surface of the carpet. This is partly due to the way that the carpet is made. Even though it might seem difficult at first, Berber carpet cleaning can be done effectively when the right techniques are applied.

In Berber carpet cleaning,

it is important to remove as much loose soil as possible. You can do this by vacuuming the carpet or sweeping it before applying any water or cleaning solution. If you do not remove this loose dirt first, it will resurface even after you have cleaned it and the carpet begins to dry. When you are vacuuming the carpet, pay close attention to the areas where you switch directions, these will be the areas most prone to resurfacing stains.

Clean spills as quickly as possible to avoid letting the stain set in. When doing this kind of Berber carpet cleaning it is important that you do not scrub the liquid. This will only make the stain set in worse. Instead, blot the liquid to remove as much of it as possible before it has a chance to set it.

For stains that have already been set into the carpet,

Berber cleaning methods will differ from other methods of carpet cleaning. You will need to spray the stained area with a carpet cleaner. Let the cleaner soak into the carpet for a few minutes. Once the cleaner has been allowed to soak, blot it with a cloth. Again, do not scrub as this will make the stain worse.

In order to maintain a fresh look, Berber cleaning will need to be performed frequently so that stains are not allowed to set in. A minimum of twice a year is idea for Berber carpet cleaning.

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